Monday, March 31, 2014

Finished one year and it's time for another!!

We had a fabulous cheer season this year and celebrated with a banquet at Grandma's Restaurant.  What a wonderful way to end a season.  But just when one's time to start working on the next!

Although fall is still far away, there is a ton of work to be done to get ready for the football cheering season.  We held try-outs on Saturday March 22nd and had a pretty good turn out. A lot of incoming freshmen made the trip and there are a lot with some great skills!  We are excited to have them on the team!

In addition to getting the squad picked, it's time to start creating the performance for Homecoming, planning practices, the summer overnight, Community Day, uniforms, and so much more!  There is no off-season in cheerleading!  Jaiden Wentz will be serving as Captain of the football squad and she has been working hard to get everything ready and organized for another successful season!


  1. Hi, I am an international student from Ireland and I will be attending CSS in the fall. I was hoping to get in contact with someone about trying out for the CSS cheerleaders, thanks

    1. Hi Amy! Wonderful to hear from you and your interest in cheering at CSS! Why don't you email me at and let me know about yourself, what kind of questions you have, any cheer experience, and we will go from there! And welcome to St. Scholastica!