Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hockey Cheer...Starting Off Strong

It was an exciting weekend for the Saints!

The Saints Hockey Cheerleaders were going on the ice for the FIRST TIME this season. With the nerves setting in, they took the ice with smiles on their faces.

First the they put Jaiden up a pixie to wow the crowd!


Then they successfully put Lexie up a split lift to show the crowd just how awesome the Saints can be.

The Cheerleaders cheered on the Men's Hockey Team both Friday and Saturday night from the stairs. With a total of 8 goals in the weekend, the girls loudly cheered for the Saints and were so proud they won both nights! Good job boys! 

Top right to bottom right: Annie, Emily, Shannon, Co-Captain Kelsie, Lexie, Jaiden, and Captain Nicole.  
The Saints Hockey Cheerleaders are excited to show off the new cheers and stunts they have been working on this season and can't wait for games to come! 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

First Game!

Today is going to be a great day! Today at 4:00 pm is the boys' first basketball game. The css basketball cheerleaders are ready to cheer with the croud and cheer the team on to victory....Hey, we're out to get...a V, V, I V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

New Season, New Atmosphere

Well,  here we are, just a couple days away from the first game! Everyone on the team seems super excited. Why not?! It's the first game!! We got some new freshman on the team who are all doing a fabulous job might I say! They have all picked up the dances and cheers super quick (faster than I ever did last year) and have superb positive attitudes. We as a team are using our practice time very well and it shows. I believe this year will be more organized and less stressful. This is a new season with some new faces and it's WONDERFUL!!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Last football game of the season

Here it is:  the final football game of the season at home.  What a journey!  From try-outs to final practice, there has been so much growth and improvement in our squad this year.  Many ups and downs, as every team experiences.  Lots of tears, lots of hugs, friendships made and memories shared.  I am so proud of all they have accomplished as a team!

A special thank you to Jaiden Wentz, who served as captain this year, and to Shannon Phelps, who served as co-captain.  Both will be returning next year in those roles and we are planning on an even better season!

Finally, a BIG thank you (with a few tears too) as the squad's only senior, Sarah Bruley, cheers at her final football game.  Sarah is a quiet but powerful force on the team.  She leads by example with a strong work ethic and dedication to our sport and her squads, and she her absence will be felt.

Love to all of you ladies!



Friday, October 10, 2014

Another Homecoming is in the books!

What a crazy, busy week!  The pep rally on Monday was awesome!  The squad did a great job on their performance - all those hours of practice paid off!!!  Game day was busy too...parade, tailgate party, team send-off and game!  But wow!  It was COLD!!!  Performing at halftime in our standard uniforms was pretty frigid, but thank goodness we had nice warm ups to get into right after!  The game was awesome with the team pulling out a win in the last quarter!  STILL UNDEFEATED!

Every year homecoming is stressful and there is so much work that goes into it, but I hope that is also worthwhile and rewarding.

OH!!  And we won 1st place in the motorized category of the parade!  How awesome is that?

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


All the hours at practice, all the bruises...this is what it all comes down to!  It's Homecoming!  We finally got to perform at the Pep Rally yesterday and it was awesome!  We are looking forward to performing again this weekend at halftime of the football game.  So far the weather looks dry - which is great!  We're also looking forward to Community Day on Wednesday where we will be reading to kids, and the parade and tailgate party on Saturday.  Such a busy week and so much to do!  But an exciting time to be on campus and be cheering on all of our SAINTS ATHLETES!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

A busy fall and no time to blog...

Wow!  These past few weeks have been packed with activity, and there just hasn't even been time to write about it!  Some of the highlights:

  • 10 Members of our squad attended a college cheerleading camp at the University of Minnesota in mid-August.  It was a lot of work and a bit bumpy logistically, but overall everyone feels it was a great use of time and we were able to bring back some valuable information that we are using!
  • Football squad moved onto campus on Aug. 21st to get to work!  There was practice every day (sometimes two) and a few group bonding events like a day at the beach!  
  • Nicole Kapaun has agreed to serve as captain of the hockey squad this year. 

Right now we are working on our homecoming plans, plans for Community Day, football games and fundraisers!  We are also gearing up for WINTER TRY-OUTS!  

Try-outs for basketball and hockey squads will be held on Sunday Sept. 21st, noon-7pm, in the Fitness Room at the BWC.  We welcome people of all skill levels, including guys!